About Collodion Wet Plate

The best explanation of collodion wet plate photographic technique would be – SLOW photography. Yes…it takes time, patience and above all – loving devotion. Have you ever been mesmerized by some vi…


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Tin Tin


Four years ago, just before Christmas, I got a very special present from my mother.
A collection of vintage tin moulds that was gathered in our family for more than one century. Generations of women where using that moulds for Christmas and special occasions to make cookies, biscuits and cakes. In some of them my grand grandma was baking cinnamon cookies, my grandma was preparing almond cakes dusted with precious vanilla sugar and my mother was making ginger, pepper and walnut biscuits.
I decided first to make a photo-story series and then, I’ll bake.
I wonder, what kind of stories they would tell if this beautiful rusty tins could speak?